There are several advantages to Leasing vs. Buying;

Thinking of leasing needed equipment?  There are several reasons why leasing is smart! There is no huge down payment. You keep your cash on hand, or earning interest.

You should lease depreciating equipment and purchase appreciating assets.

  • You keep your lines of credit open, in case something 'pops up'.
  • There are possible tax savings (consult your own tax specialist, rules do change).
  • Lower monthly payments. Usually a lot lower, depending on the initial cost.
  • Often times with leasing, you can get approved for more costly items, than banks will approve for purchase.

For example, you are looking at a $45,000.00 backhoe. The bank may tell you you can only afford one for $32,000.00. So what do you do? Don't settle for a smaller machine. Lease your machine. New or Used, we can help you get financed, and also help locate what your looking for.

You can usually get more expensive equipment, as compared to borrowing.
You do not use up your lines of credit, so you can still borrow, if other needs aeries.

Leasing is smart, we will help you get financed, or pre-approved before you shop.

Talk to our professional staff. We are Heavy Duty Equipment and Truck Leasing Specialists.

You'll be pleased with our courteous, efficient service

We can even help you find the equipment that you need for the type of hauling your considering.